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Providing Professional, Safe , Reliable & Affortable Tree Services

Free Estimates / 24 hour Storm Damage Response 

Quality Service

Safe Process

Family Owned & Operated

Affordable Price


Serving in the area for over 25 years

Mathes Tree & Landscape Services LLC is a fully insured and Licensed tree service company, serving Northern, Central and Southern Virginia, we are currently staffed with one Owner , James Mathes, and several independent contractors that we work with on a daily basis. Our customers are a priority and we know that a familar face is key, James will always be in direct contact with the customer. 

Tree Work You Can Trust... Call Us Today For Free Estimates


I've used Mathes Tree and Landscape Services a few times on a variety of projects from overgrown tree/stump/weed mess to building a large fenced yard for our dogs to even repairing decks and removing large rotted trees. The quality has been spot on each time and it's has never just been one guy that shows up, but an entire team with each one being professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

I've had more projects within 1 year than I would prefer, but Mathes has had no problem showing up and getting the projects knocked out. I've hired people in the past and given deposits and they never show back up. I've only given Mathes a deposit when doing the fence for the materials, but they came out promptly and got the job done quick while other actual fence companies were months out.

While cutting trees are probably the core of the business they are a versatile group that you can trust for more than tree cutting. When you find a crew that you can trust stick with them they are few and far between.

- Shawn 

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